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FAQ and Policies

What are the advantages of staying with APS Furnished Abodes?
Here at APS, we pride ourselves on being an economical (and beautiful) alternative to hotels. On average, our rates are at least (and sometimes more than)20% lower than a premier hotel in our area. Our properties provide you with a more spacious and private environment, along with fully equipped kitchens allowing for cooking and entertaining. We offer a variety of temporary housing options: fully furnished apartments for rent – even privately owned houses, townhouses, and condos!
What is included in the property rent?
All rentals include a utilities allowance, basic cable, and high-speed wireless internet service.


What is a Utility Allowance?
Each property’s rental rate is based on many factors, but one of the most important of these is utility usage. A Utility Allowance is the maximum amount budgeted for all utilities in an APS unit. The allowance is established by gathering average expenditures for the utilities and services and setting a specific cap amount for each rental unit.

If the utility expenses are more significant than the utility allowance, this may result in an additional cost for you. Each rental unit has a calculated allowance that is stated in your lease. If you exceed the monthly amount, then you will need to pay for the extra charges. The overage will be invoiced along with billing information supporting the additional expense.

So please be careful with your utility usage. Shut off all lights when not in use and when you leave the unit. Adjust the thermostat accordingly if you will be away for awhile. Make sure your windows are shut when using AC/heat and not letting heat out (or cold in). Not only will these steps help you stay within the unit’s allowance, you’ll also be doing Mother Earth a big favor!


What are the features and amenities of our properties?
All of our properties are unique and have their distinctive architectural features and amenities. No two units necessarily come with exactly the same amenities, but you can be sure that the residence will come with everything you need to make your stay very comfortable.

Interior Features: Coffee maker, fully equipped kitchens, high-speed wireless internet, basic cable channels, heat and central air, washer dryer either in the unit or nearby in the building.

Furnishings: Flat screen television, wholly furnished with distinctive furniture and decorations, housewares, microwave and much, much more.

A complete list can be provided for each unit upon request.


How is APS different from Airbnb/HomeAway or vacation rental websites?
  • We allow extensions. If you’re not sure how long your stay will be, since we rent in chronological order, your rental may be available to extend (with proper notice, usually 30 days).
  • All properties are professionally managed. Sometimes when renting from individuals or smaller companies, getting new keys when you’re locked out or getting the Wi-Fi reset, can be burdensome. We’ve designed our response effort to help you with timely repairs and service.
  • We can provide showings, when possible. If you’re available and in town (or have someone who can look on your behalf) we can show you the property ahead of time – usually with 24-hour notice to the currently renting guest.
  • Know the departure cleaning fee up front – Some rental companies and websites do not display the cleaning fees (and other fees) until after you have committed to the property.
  • No shared living. We get this question based on the creation of the shared economy, but all of our rentals are for your exclusive use.
What time is check-in/out?
Check-in time is between the hours of 5 PM and 9 PM. Checkout time is 10 AM. Special arrangements may be made, but are not guaranteed.
What are the check-in procedures?
Check-in procedures vary according to which property is being rented. Information will be provided prior to your arrival.
What other services do you offer?
Daily and weekly housekeeping services are available for an additional charge.
I'm expecting a large shipment while I'm living in one of your properties. Is there anything special I need to do?
If you are renting in a larger building (i.e., with a front desk and freight elevator), your shipment will need to be coordinated, scheduled and approved by the building. Please let us know, and we will make sure it’s all taken care of for you. If you are renting in a smaller building or one of our homes or condos, you may need to contact us to make arrangements. In any case, we’re here for you! Just call.
Are properties professionally cleaned between each rental?
All of our properties are professionally cleaned after each guest, including turning over all linens and towels. Plus, we conduct a quality control check to make sure the property meets APS’ standards and has everything you need for a comfortable stay.
Are pets allowed?
In some units, pets are allowed. However, there are specific requirements. If approved, special arrangements will need to be made at the time of booking. There will be an additional $75 per month for the pet, and in all cases, an additional $250 security deposit will be required. Dogs must weigh less than 35 lbs and must be housebroken; certain breeds may not be accepted. Only one pet will be allowed in any unit. Owners must supply, before arrival, records from a registered veterinarian that the pet is up-to-date on all its shots. At all times, pet must be leashed, and the owner is responsible for picking up after it.  Pets that do not get along with other animals or people will not be accepted.

Owners will have to complete a pet addendum as part of the application process.

Do you charge taxes?
Bookings that are less than 29 days are subject to a 6% County Occupancy Tax and will be added to all invoices. Anything beyond 30 days is not subject to taxes.
Do you require a security deposit?
Yes, there is a $450.00 – $2,000 security deposit required at time of booking depending upon the unit. Security deposits are returned provided that there are no damages to the property beyond normal wear and tear.

For those units that allow pets there is an additional $250 security deposit added to the bill and shown separately.

What other charges are there when making a reservation?
Required Fees:

  • There is a one-time, non-refundable cleaning fee that ranges from $100.00 – $300.00 depending on the property.
  • A six (6) percent Monroe County Occupancy Tax is added to each bill for any stay less than 29 days.

Optional Fees:

  • Certain properties allow pets. In this case, $75/month will be charged, and an additional $250 security deposit will be added to the initial invoice.
  • All renters staying at Sibley Square who require parking will be charged an additional $57(unassigned) or $70 (assigned) per month.
  • Regular cleaning service is available; please inquire about pricing.


What are accepted forms of payment?

APS accepts most major credit cards, personal or certified checks, and wire transfers. Credit card fees will be passed on to the client at the time of the transaction. Fee amounts are determined by the selected payment services vendor and not APS. In the case of wire transfers, the client will be responsible for all wire transaction fees.

How do I make a reservation?
All reservations begin through the website. After you have had time to review the properties and have decided on one, you must call the office to confirm availability and the current price. If, and when, you ready to move forward with your reservation you will need to complete the application found on the Reservation tab. Then, after review, APS will generate a lease for the duration of your stay thereafter. A reservation is confirmed when a signed contract and the initial payment including any fees are received.

If assistance is required, do not hesitate to call us at 585.298.4466 or by dropping us an email at info@abodesps.com

Owner’s Rental Program

I own a property and want to rent through your company. What are the steps involved?
We would be happy to discuss our property management services with you evaluate your property for our corporate housing program. Please contact us at 585-298-4466, or send an email to info@abodesps.com.
Why should I choose Abodes Property Services?

We have several important facets:

  • We personally visit, vet and inspect each property before adding it to our inventory.
  • We cater to business travelers although there are many other types of professionals and families who have rented from us. In all cases, we understand the needs for service and convenience when coming to Rochester to work.
  • We have been providing furnished accommodations in the Rochester area since 2007. We are the ONLY local business solely dedicated to furnished rentals aside from the occasional landlord or owner who chooses to rent similarly.
  • No two units are alike and neither are the varied tastes of renters. We pride ourselves on our diverse portfolio of residences.



Do I have to furnish my property to be able to rent it through your company?
Yes. Great interior design and style are very important to APS and our guests. Properties, where attention to detail of the interior and exterior of the property makes it much easier to rent and will generate higher rental rates. APS offers color consultation, interior design and staging services that will help meet our interior design standards, but the task and cost of furnishing the property is the owner’s responsibility.
Can I cancel the contract at any moment?
Yes. Since we do not make money unless you are making money then concluding the business arrangement is reasonably straightforward. We require 30-day notification. Additionally, if there are any active contracts at the time, APS expects that those reservations be respected and commissions dispersed to APS.
Who is responsible for damages?
Each guest that makes a booking pays a security deposit to cover any damages. APS takes a full inventory of each residence when we receive it and has photographs shot to XXX the condition of the residence and its contents in the event that money needs to be held back from the deposit for damages.
Do you guarantee a minimum rental return?
No. APS will only generate income once the property is receiving bookings so we are highly motivated to maximize your occupancy. APS has an average occupancy rate of 85% for each of our properties.
How can you guarantee that my property won't be rented without my knowledge?
APS will manage the entire process from the moment we take over your unit until we have checked out guests to make sure every part of the process is done the right way (marketing, accounting, reservation, payments, cleaning, maintenance and customer service).

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